A Big Thank You to Nespresso Boutique Oslo


What could be better than a summer tour across Norway in search of Service Heroes and getting to see some of the most wonderful scenery in the world? Doing that while enjoying some great coffee, of course!

For those of you who know us and our team from before, it will come as no surprise that were just over the moon hearing about Nespresso Boutique Oslo being kind enough to provide us with a coffee machine and tons of coffee for our Fans of Good Service tour. With Finland and Norway amongst the top coffee drinkers in the world, our Finnish-Norwegian team fits this particular stereotype 100%, and we certainly liked the assistance from Nespresso coffee to start up the always fun but often long days of travelling. Not to mention the afternoon pick-me-up coffee breaks, the in-between coffees to ensure we don’t fall asleep on the wheel, and other appropriate occasion for coffee to be had – that is to say at any time anywhere!

A Big Thank You to Nespresso Boutique Oslo for making our tour that much better! Talk again later – we are off to have some great coffee now…


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